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Friday, 24-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Visit to Kampung Budaya Sarawak

Ally, lunching at Dayang Seafood, a couple of km from K.Budaya
on the jambatan buluh @ K.Budaya
beware of jumping snakes. seriously!
first stop: Rumah Bidayuh
middle of the Council Hut (baruk) -- yes, like Jedi Council!
offerings to the Gods... i think
if u look real close, u can see skulls hanging up there
sculpture intro
stone art
same stone art, only different. ha?
Rumah Iban, natch.
Pua -- the traditional Iban woven textile
Nama Berita (hello in iban) makcik! sesi bergosip bermula...
inside the Iban longhouse
macam org nak kawin lak...
this will take about 4 mth to finish, and RM400 for sale
the pua tapestry
the stage for Rainforest World Music Festival. wOOt!
next: Rumah Penan
it's small, coz Penans are nomadic. no proper houses.
i don't wanna know what they did to the snake's meat... :-&
next: Rumah Orang Ulu
situated on high ground, it's not for ppl with acrophobia
side view of the longhouse
the beautiful mural by Orang Ulu. the most creative ppl, y'know
making traditional music with the Sape
the orang ulu dancers
scary mask
cute mural
yes, and how do you play chord G?
Shahrul playing the traditional xylophone-like instrument
master to student: boleh la tuuu...
view from the longhouse
more view
try saying Bali Intiang Sideng Sinan really fast like!
more stone art
where to next?
Rumah Melanau
husain @ the front entrance. silly git.
silly git took this picture. silly git.
melanau art. kinda look Aztec-ish
healing hut
stairs going up to the melanau tall house
having a breather at bawah rumah @ Rumah Melayu
aku nak kawinnnn dengan anak rajaaaa
the show at 4pm
Ally; night time at Waterfront. statue of bujang senang
makang budokkkkkkk
night life across the river @ waterfront
Mak dah ngantuk
Ally + Shahrul
i was really thirsty
Sarawak Cultural Village isn't so bad, despite its attempt at touristy perfectness. i could work here, coz all i have to do is sit around and wait for tourist to ask me questions about this and that. it's easy work, if somewhat dull. but at least i get to wear costumes!

anyway, my friend (Ally) was honeymooning in Kuching with her new husband, so not knowing where else to bring her to, my bro and i brought her to Kampung Budaya, like any good sarawakian when ppl from 'overseas' come to visit. heheheh.

it was terribly hot, and we were a bit dehydrated, but no one passed out. and at the end of the tour we caught the daily show at 4pm, and suddenly errything was worth it. yay!

in hindsight, i didn't take a lot of pictures to make this a good album.

Rainforest World Music Festival 05, y'all.

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